Try 48 Bivalves: “La Societe” Conclave Convenes Tonight for 21st Renewal at Grand Central Oyster Bar

By John Cirillo

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La Societe du Quarante Huit Huitres shucks into its third decade with its 21st Annual conclave tonight (Thursday, March 2, 2017) at the historic Grand Central Oyster Bar. The reunion of bivalve aficionados will convene at 6:30 pm in the Saloon.


Wayne will be Raisin’ Bivalve Cain tonight

The zinc-laden lads will get down to slurping, led by founding members Wayne J. Positan and Rob D’Alessandro, accompanied by a dozen or so “merry men,” indulging in their annual Oyster Orgy.


Societe membership requires eating 48 oysters at the session, hence the name La Societe du Quarante Huit Huit Huitres,” French for “48 oysters.‎”

Mr. Positan holds La Societe record of 144 bivalves (an amazing 12 dozen), established in 2002 (see below for details), and reports that “none of us contemplate an attempt at breaking the record tonight.”


Last year’s newest Diamond Jim Brady Club members, the “Barber” and  “Barry Bivalves”

The Diamond Jim Brady of this generation, Mr. Positan, welcomed two new members to the “Diamond Jim Brady Club” last year, when Kevin Barber and Barry Weigmann both reached the century mark in bivalve consumption at the seating.


Last year’s 20th Anniversary cake, tonight celebrates 21

More on La Societe du Quarante-Huit Huitres: The culmination of these Brady-esque event was a challenge in 2002 to see if anyone could reach the Diamond Jim Century Club.…100 oysters.  They kept pressing on, until 120, then Positan, in a fit of bivalve inspiration, decided that the appropriate mark should have some symmetry, which translated into 144 oysters….Douze Douzen, or a Dozen Dozen.  ‎Tying a napkin around his forehead, and cheered on by the Societe and adjoining tables, the magic mark was reached, resulting in a round of hearty applause.  Since then, things have retreated to the “48” norm, until last year when Barber and Weigmann and Barber hurtled to the 100 milestone and installation as Diamond Jim members.



The Bishop of Bivalves will be proud of the boys

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